Divinus Fabrics, Incorporated & Managing Director, Gagan Anand

October 26, 2021 , Fabrics


Divinus Fabrics, Incorporated is a wholesale textile company which engages in production and manufacturing of various textile materials. Divinus Fabrics carries a full range of trendy, fashionable and functional garments, accessories and clothes. Divinus is dedicated to offering quality and best-selling products at competitive prices. The company produces high quality women’s and men’s wear and provide many custom tailors for garments as well.

The NFS Standard Brand, Divinus fabrics incorporates nine fabrics manufactured by the Divinus Fabrics, Inc. These fabrics are Nylar, Softweave, Acrylic/Spandex, DKNY, Terracotta, Cotton duck, Organic Cotton duck, and Woolrich. The fabric brands have been certified by the North American Society for Testing and Materials (NEST) which is an independent non-profit organization. According to theOST, all fabrics manufactured by the Divinus Fabrics, Inc. meet or exceed all required standards and performance requirements and are sold with a Certificate of Compilation.

The NFS certification is a third party, voluntary verification that a garment has met the highest levels of quality and performance based on the standards set by the NFS. A certificate of compilation will include an overview of the materials contained in the fabrics, a description of each of the fabrics and an overview of each of the company’s manufacturing processes, procedures used and other important and relevant information about the manufacturing of each piece of clothing. The management is responsible for approving all NFS certificates, which are provided by an external third party, as well as undertaking any necessary modifications or changes to comply with applicable laws. The NFS also manages the conduct of Inspectors on an annual basis to determine that the quality of any products being produced by the company meets or exceeds the required standard.